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2016 .... this year celebrated on March 13, see "Startseite" and "twm"
March 14   Marburg and all over the world: 8th Universal Day of Circle-Dance

Open-Air-Dancing in different places of Marburg: Kalimera and more!
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Stunde der Orgel:
Tänze mit Mozart und Bach sowie traditionelle Tänze   Termine anfragen         


1998, 2008, ..... - celebrating Bernhard Wosien´s anniversaries
   .... special guests, live music, performances, ...
2011           25 Years LAG Tanz Hessen e.V.

Performances, Projects
since 1985 ...... Greek Dance with Homer: Lehrstück Fido Wagler/ Prof Chr. Berg.
         Traditional Dances and the myths of Iliad and Odyssee - dancing and telling
1990´s -  Dances of the Renaissance ,Traditional Songs and Dances (Gießen University)
2006 - Dances of the Renaissance (Marburg Castle)
2008 - Menuett in Eugène Scribe´s "Le verre déau/ The Glass of Water"
2008 - Nacht der Kunst - "A Night full of Art" in Marburg: museums, galeries, theatre, ...
          GREEK NIGHT: Homer and modern literature, live music, traditional dance
          Prof. Helge Hyams, Dora Dimitroulia, Christos, Eleni Archontidhou, Fido Wagler
2009 – GREEK NIGHT: Frankfurt.
2010 - Greek Night MR
2014 - Presentation of Dancas Circulares from Europe at the Congress
          "XIII Encontro Brasileiro de Dancas Circulares ... Sagradas"
          in Brasil/ Sao Paulo/ Embu das Artes
2015 - Special Guest at "XIV Encontro Brasileiro de Dancas Circulares ... Sagradas"
2015 - Traditional Dances - Performance "Pfarrkirche St. Marien, Marburg
        - Dances with JS Bach and WA Mozart - Performance Laurentiuskirche, Usingen
        - Dances of Gypsies - Performance -Traditional Roma Dances, Waggonhalle Mbg.

Films - dance traditions, Gabriele Wosien Productions 
2006 The dancer in "Traditions of Latvia" - Lettland - Musik, Tanz, Ritual
2008 The Greek dancer in Bernhard Wosien`s "Hymn of Jesus"
available in - Metanoia Verlag (Zürich)

Dia universal de Dancas Circulares ... Universal Day of Circledance
The idea emerged during my workshops and from the enthusiasm I experienced with my universal circle-dance-friends. So 2008 in February I announced this day for all people who love traditional circledance. So: join the movement and circle  e v e r y  day and particularly on this this date !!! And many people did, from Brasil to Siberia, from Sweden to Italy! Why March 14th? …because you can’t circledance without the magic circle-factor ”pi” : 3.14, March 14 is THE DAY for the “friends of pi”, of everything that is round. This movement has already become worldwide, we can offer a precious gift for that day, so join the movement, circle all day and do an extra-dance on March 14. I got many letters from people who joined the movement, Natalia, for example, a friend of mine in Siberia, wrote me that celebrating the night form March 13 to 14 is an old tradition: according to the old Slavic calendar: this is New Year´s Eve!!! And: this day also is Einstein’s birthdayI