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Specific information about my courses you will find in
- twm, - LAG and - Fürsteneck bis Nazare

- Tanzhaus Wosien Marburg (Gesellschaft f. Schöpferisch elementare Erziehung)
Bernhard Wosien and Professor Kasztantowicz (University of Marburg) founded this "Gesellschaft" on the Island of Crete in 1968, intended to establish there a Center for Creative  Arts, got a piece of land for their project from the Cretan Bishop, but the Greek Junta said: Ochi - no!  ... they spoiled all their plans.
Wosien and "Kasto" gave up their plans and transferred the "Gesellschaft.." to Ulli Jobst Brünsch and me in 1983. Then we started our activities and in 1986 we founded the Tanzhaus Wosien Marburg (Wosien died on 29th April 1986).

The individual and the group - Atomos kai Parea
My first aim in dance is individual lightness and creativity for all dancers in harmony.
Dançando em allegria e harmonia. Take your steps, feel the ground, your weight, your energy to move, your balance, your abilty to want and to avoid falls, feel your center and feel as slim as your hip-joints, jump and rest. Shout and be silent. Feel your steps as well as the entire movement of the group, the community.

Specific information about my courses you will find in
- twm, -
LAG and - Fürsteneck bis Nazare


14th March - my "Universal Day of Circledance":
2008 in February I established this special day for all dance-enthusiastics, so all over the world "circle your dances" all day and particularly on this date in . (see twm and performances)

Celebrate 3.14 every year!   .... see"pi-pie" fans in the USA since the 1980s.

1. For heaven´s sake:         Dance, otherwise the Angels don´t know what to do with
                                           you in heaven. ??Augustinus??
2. For our sake:                  Walk, take your bike, the bus and train, otherwise the 
                                           devil OR I will tie up your legs ....

We know that the "Angels" is not saying by Augustinus, but it suits him well. Today he would have added " Dance needs to be practiced and celebrated everyday. So is life by walking, biking, and using public transport, by eating organic,seasonal and regional fairtrade-products and by taking a drop of water as important as a large ocean."